Matteo Petrani


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To craft experiences that make people happy.

Matteo Petrani


Engineer + Entrepreneur + Designer.
What a mix!

I'm lucky: I've been always able to follow my dreams and to grow along the path I designed for me. I studied Telecommunication Engineering at University of Padua: I had the opportunity to nerd a little bit with my fellows, to work abroad in the submarine communication field and to code for embedded systems. After several months coding for machines, the fascinating world of UX design became more and more present in my life. To design was the best way to apply my vision as an engineer to solve people's problems. I rapidly felt in love with design techniques and tools and in the mid 2012 I started my own company, 2045Tech. Since there, I do my best boosting my design skills. Design without strategy is meaningless though; I took the Masterlab in Digital Entrepreneurship to further refine the business knowledge I gained as a startupper and I landed a job at LIFE Interaction and H-Farm Industries where I could practise both design and business strategy. I moved in Switzerland to develop my designer career in a more structured way at Sketchin. Now I am helping Ander Group to grow their design culture. What a lovely journey!


Ander Group

UX Engineer

Aug 2017 ↦ Today


UX Designer

Apr 2015 ↦ Jul 2017

H-Farm Industries

Guest Lecturer

Oct 2014 ↦ Mar 2015

Digital Accademia

Guest lecturer

Jun 2014

LIFE Interaction

Interaction Designer

Dec 2013 ↦ Mar 2015


Founder, UX Designer

Jul 2012 ↦ Jul 2013

University of Padua

Software Developer

May 2012 ↦ Dec 2012

Woods Hole Oceanographic Instutition

Software Developer, Intern

Oct 2011 ↦ Apr 2012


UX Design, Intern

May 2009 ↦ Jul 2009


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