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You might know it already, I'm Matteo Petrani

Yes, I do stuff. Everybody does, I guess. I totally feel like a jack of all trades, I create :troll: and solve problems. I graduated in Engineering, telecommunication and moved across a dozen cities (Italy, Michigan, Switzerland). Kickstarted a startup about portable breathalizers, worked in the beautiful and thriving H-Farm as a UX Designer and as a guest lecturer. This lead me to Sketchin, same role, UX Designer. Few years later my engineering background rose up and I switched side: I worked at Ander Group as a UX Engineer. But you know, the first crush might be hard to forget, so I went back to Sketchin. I traded salary with free time, one of my best move ever, life is precious. My role is Technology Director. My grandma says I work with the Internet, she is the best.

Lucky me, I have a wonderful life outside my 9to5. My elements are water and air. I am a glider pilot, it's tecnical and delicate. I am captain of Ulisse la barca, my sailboat, my escape, yet a place to share. I organize cruises and experiences on the sea. I am a videomaker too, mainly weddings & events, it makes me happy. I have a podcast, I like to share my thoughts, it helps me to focus on important things.

I dream to be even closer to nature, to find a balance between technology and being human, I'd love to design for time not for balance sheets.

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IG FB YT, or [matteo.petrani | @matteopetrani] pretty much everywhere else.